June 2012

One can certainly understand the frustration of private companies that are repeatedly subject to cyberattacks, and seem to have little ability to keep the intruders out or to get overstretched law enforcement agencies interested in investigating. But the idea of changing the law to authorize “hacking back” is a dangerous one, and unlikely to fix

Joseph Menn has an interesting Reuters article on a growing sentiment within network security circles:

Frustrated by their inability to stop sophisticated hacking attacks or use the law to punish their assailants, an increasing number of US companies are taking retaliatory action. Known in the cyber security industry as “active defense” or “strike-back” technology, the

The House Intelligence Committee is conducting a remarkably detailed and bipartisan investigation (subscription required) of ties between two Chinese telecom equipment giants, Huawei and ZTE, and the Chinese government. Widespread security fears have been targeted at these companies over concerns that their equipment would enable Chinese interception of US telephone calls, expanding American cybervulnerabilities