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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Intelligence Under Law – Judiciary Testimony

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, Privacy Regulation, Security Programs & Policies

I will be testifying today to the full House Judiciary Committee about FISA, NSA and the Snowden flap. You can download my full prepared remarks here. In short I used this opportunity to muse on the resemblance between today and the waning Clinton era; I discuss the (surprisingly short) history of viewing intelligence as a… Continue Reading

EU Data Protection – The Inconvenient Truth

Posted in Data Breach, International, Privacy Regulation, Security Programs & Policies

In the wake of the leaks about the NSA’s PRISM program and domestic data collection activities, EU officials have, quite predictably, raised alarms that the NSA’s programs pose a grave threat to the privacy of EU citizens. In recent days, European Parliament members have been quoted as calling the NSA programs “shocking” and tantamount to… Continue Reading