March 2017

155: Debating Hackback

Episode 155 of the podcast offers something new:  equal time for opposing views.  Well, sort of, anyway.  In place of our usual interview, we’re running a debate over hacking back that CSIS sponsored last week.  I argue that US companies should be allowed to hack back; I’m opposed by Greg Nojeim,

Episode 154:  What cybersecurity experts tell their Moms about computer security

In this week’s episode, we ask two acknowledged NSA cybersecurity experts, Curtis Dukes and Tony Sager, both from the Center for Internet Security, what they tell their family members about how to keep their computers, phones, and doorbells safe from hackers.

Joining us

Episode 153:  Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear, and … Sneaky Bear?

In this episode, Matt Tait, aka @PwnAllTheThings, takes us on a tour of Russia’s cyberoperations.  Ever wonder why there are three big Russian intel agencies but only two that have nicknames in cybersecurity research?  Matt has the answer to this and all your other Russian