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Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Cyberlaw Podcast – Interview with Chris Painter

Posted in European Union, Privacy Regulation

Episode 188: Putting the “F” in FISA: Bipartisan Extremism and the Road to 1997 In this episode, Brian Egan and I deconstruct the endlessly proliferating “FISA 702 Reform” bills, from the irresponsible House Judiciary bill to the “I’ll see your irresponsible and raise you crazy” bipartisan extremist bill beloved of Sens. Wyden and Paul (and talk… Continue Reading

The Cyberlaw Podcast – Interview with Mårten Mickos

Posted in Data Breach, Security Programs & Policies

Episode 185: The Midnight Basketball of Cybersecurity This episode features an interview with Mårten Mickos, the CEO of HackerOne. HackerOne administers bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs for a host of private companies as well as DOD’s “Hack the Pentagon” program. He explains how such programs work, how companies and agencies typically get started (with “vulnerability disclosure”… Continue Reading

The Cyberlaw Podcast – The Shane Roundup

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, International, Privacy Regulation, Security Programs & Policies

Today’s news roundup features Shane Harris of the Wall Street Journal, Brian Egan, and Alan Cohn discussing stories that Shane wrote last week.  Out of the box, we work through the hall of mirrors that the Kaspersky hacking story has become. The Russian hacking story is biting more companies than just Kaspersky.  Turns out that… Continue Reading

The Cyberlaw Podcast – Interview with Richard Danzig

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, International

Episode 183: North Korea’s Chances of Winning a 2040 Gold Medal in Basketball May Be Better than You Think Richard Danzig, former Navy Secretary and a serious defense and technology thinker, speaks to us about the technology tsunami and what it means for the Pentagon.  Among the risks:  lots more accidents, some of them catastrophic,… Continue Reading

The Cyberlaw Podcast – Bonus Episode

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, Data Breach, Privacy Regulation

Episode 182: Attribution of Cyberattacks Episode 182 features a panel of experts on attribution of cyberattacks. I moderated the panel at the Georgia Tech 15th Annual Cyber Security Summit in Atlanta on September 27, 2017.  Panel members included Cristin Goodwin of Microsoft, Rob Knake of the Council on Foreign Relations, Hannah Kuchler of the Financial Times,… Continue Reading

The Cyberlaw Podcast – News Roundup

Posted in Data Breach, International

Episode 181: Equifax and the Upside of Nation-State Cyberattacks Was the Equifax breach a nation-state attack? Nick Weaver parses the data, and I explore the surprising upside for Equifax if it was. Twitter comes to Capitol Hill to talk Russian election interference; it goes home with a flea in its ear and plenty of homework… Continue Reading