We’re officially on hiatus this month, but we just couldn’t stay away that long. If you can’t live without The Cyberlaw Podcast in your life, then you’re in luck. We’re releasing a couple bonus episodes with some of my favorite past interviews.

This week I revisit my April 2015 interview with Joseph Nye, former dean of the Kennedy School at Harvard and three-time national security official for State, Defense, and the National Intelligence Council. We get a magisterial overview of the challenge posed by cyberweapons, how they resemble and differ from nuclear weapons, and (in passing) some tips on how to do cross-country skiing in the White Mountains.

We’ll be back in September with another edition of Blockchain Takes Over the Cyberlaw Podcast. I’ll return the following week with an interview with Bruce Schneier, so be sure to tune in.


Download the Bonus Episode (mp3).

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