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The Cyberlaw Podcast – News Roundup

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, European Union, International

Episode 204: News Roundup In our 204th episode of The Cyberlaw Podcast, the team bumbles forward without Stewart Baker, who is spending the week racing his offspring down mountain slopes somewhere in Utah. Brian Egan and Jamil Jaffer begin by covering a few implications of Special Counsel Mueller’s indictment from Friday – the legal theories of… Continue Reading

GDPR: Belgium sets up new Data Protection Authority

Posted in Data Breach, European Union, International, Privacy Regulation

On 10 January, the Belgian Gazette published the Law of 3 December 2017 “setting up the authority for data protection” (the Law). The Law is the first legal text in Belgium applying various provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Under the GDPR, EEA Member States must provide for one or more independent… Continue Reading

EU Court Denies Class Action for Data Protection in Schrems vs. Facebook Ireland Ltd – A Short-Lived Respite Until GDPR?

Posted in European Union, International, Privacy Regulation

In its judgment of January 26, the European Court interpreted EU rules on jurisdiction in a dispute referred from the Austrian Supreme Court between a ‘consumer’ – Maximilian Schrems – and Facebook Ireland Limited. The Court would not accept the consumer’s choice of forum for a class-action type proceeding and held that, when interpreting EU… Continue Reading

European Commission Keeps Up Pressure On GDPR

Posted in Data Breach, European Union, International, Privacy Regulation

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply to businesses operating in the EU from 25 May 2018 – in 100 days’ time. Senior Commissioners Ansip (Digital Single Market) and Jourová (Justice) yesterday announced guidelines and other materials to “facilitate a direct and smooth application of the new data protection rules across the EU [and beyond]… Continue Reading

The Cyberlaw Podcast — Interview with Mara Hvistendahl

Posted in China, European Union, International, Privacy Regulation

Episode 197:  Interview with Mara Hvistendahl While the US was transfixed by posturing over the Trump presidency, China has been building the future. Chances are you’ll find one part of that future – social credit scoring – both appalling in principle and irresistible in practice. That at least is the lesson I draw from our interview… Continue Reading

The Cyberlaw Podcast — Interview with Rob Reid

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, European Union, International

Episode 194: Mass Bioterrorism, Runaway Artificial Intelligence, and Other Romps with Rob Reid Our interview this week is with Rob Reid, author of After On and Year Zero, two books that manage to translate serious technology nightmares into science fiction romps.  We cover a lot of ground: synbio and giving eighth graders the tools for… Continue Reading

The Cyberlaw Podcast – Interview with Chris Painter

Posted in European Union, Privacy Regulation

Episode 188: Putting the “F” in FISA: Bipartisan Extremism and the Road to 1997 In this episode, Brian Egan and I deconstruct the endlessly proliferating “FISA 702 Reform” bills, from the irresponsible House Judiciary bill to the “I’ll see your irresponsible and raise you crazy” bipartisan extremist bill beloved of Sens. Wyden and Paul (and talk… Continue Reading

GDPR – Are You Ready?

Posted in European Union, International

As the deadline approaches for the EU General Data Protection Regulation to take effect, companies are asking what they need to do to ensure their HR practices are in compliance.  Our London-based Employment practice offers some advice in this alert.    

The Cyberlaw Podcast – Interview with Michael Mainelli

Posted in Blockchain, European Union, International, Virtual Currency

Episode 177: We’re back! In Episode 177, fresh from hiatus, we try to summarize the most interesting cyber stories to break in August. Paul Rosenzweig kicks things off with the Shunning of Kaspersky.  I argue that the most significant – though unsupported – claim about Kaspersky is Sen. Shaheen’s assertion that all of the company’s… Continue Reading