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Episode 250: We give you Weaver

Posted in China, European Union, International, Privacy Regulation, Security Programs & Policies

  If you get SMS messages on your phone and think you have two-factor authentication, you’re kidding yourself. That’s the message Nick Weaver and David Kris extract from two stories we cover in this week’s episode of The Cyberlaw Podcast – DOJ’s indictment of a couple of kids whose hacker chops are modest but whose… Continue Reading

White House Private Sector Botnet Initiative

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, Privacy Regulation, Security Programs & Policies

The White House today announced a pilot program to be led by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center in which ISPs will share data about botnets with financial institutions. ISPs also announced a set of principles for fighting botnets. This is a positive announcement. You shouldn’t be engaged in online banking if your… Continue Reading

Microsoft Crime Raid – Another Thought

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar

I wonder whether this strategy will really be all that effective. Apparently “Microsoft does not believe the operators of the facilities it raided on Friday, which rent space to clients on computers connected to the Internet, are in league with the people behind the botnets. And those operators said they had no idea that equipment inside… Continue Reading

Microsoft Net Crime Raid: Innovative Lawyering or Busy Work?

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar

An article by Nick Wingfield and Nicole Perlroth in the New York Times today details the recent raid Microsoft and United States Marshalls conducted in order to disrupt a string of botnets at work harvesting account and other personal information from millions of other computers. As cybercrime grows more profitable, the criminals are starting to match… Continue Reading