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Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast – Interview with Michael Allen

Posted in Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, Data Breach, International, Privacy Regulation, Security Programs & Policies

Our special guest this week is Michael Allen, former Majority Staff Director of the House intelligence committee.  Mike is the founder of Beacon Global Strategies and the author of Blinking Red, the story of the creation of the Director of National Intelligence. We drag him into the program from the beginning, getting his take on… Continue Reading

China Could Have “Pervasive Access” to 80% of Global Communications Through Huawei and ZTE

Posted in China, International, Security Programs & Policies

This is the claim of former Pentagon analyst F. Michael Maloof that stories and podcasts are repeating but provide much new supporting evidence. Maloof’s own report is interesting and extensive, and it does indeed make the claim I’ve headlined: The Chinese government has “pervasive access” to some 80 percent of the world’s communications, giving it the ability to… Continue Reading

More Trouble for ZTE

Posted in China, International, Privacy Regulation

ZTE, the huge Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, has found themselves in a kind of perfect storm. A storm largely of their own making. First, ZTE and its larger Chinese rival, Huawei, have been the subjects of great national security concern for years.  As I discussed last month the US intelligence community is worried that, if allowed to install equipment… Continue Reading