Cyberspies can’t count on anonymity any more.

The United States (and the private security firm Mandiant) stripped a PLA espionage unit of its cover two years ago with a detailed description of the unit’s individual hackers; that report was followed by federal indictments of members of the unit that described them and their activities is

Here we go again.  A prominent company suffers a data breach.  The company publicly alerts its customers.  The company almost immediately finds itself the subject of inquiries from Congress and the target of investigations by regulators.  Before long, class action lawyers will crank out complaints as if they’re Mad Libs, filling in the name of

Earlier today the Wall Street Journal’s Risk and Compliance Journal published an interview with me and Steve Chabinsky from Crowdstrike about cybersecurity. In the interview, Steve and I make the case that the current paradigm for protecting companies against cyberattacks isn’t working, and that fixing it involves focusing on aligning private sector and

Yesterday TARGET announced that the hackers who committed the breach that has potentially affected as many as 110 million customers gained access to its systems through one of its vendors. Although the details are still emerging as the forensic investigation continues, this early report is a reminder that your vendors can be a potential source

Almost immediately after the Republican National Committee adopted an error-filled resolution attacking the NSA and its telephone metadata program, current and former GOP officials took a strong stand against the RNC resolution:

[T]he RNC resolution threatens to do great damage to the security of the nation. It would be foolhardy to end the

The old Cold War export control alliance, now known as the Wassenaar Arrangement, hasn’t exactly been a hotbed of new controls since Russia joined the club. But according to the Financial Times, the 41-nation group is preparing a broad new set of controls on complex surveillance and hacking software and cryptography. I suspect that the