Episode 153:  Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear, and … Sneaky Bear?

In this episode, Matt Tait, aka @PwnAllTheThings, takes us on a tour of Russia’s cyberoperations.  Ever wonder why there are three big Russian intel agencies but only two that have nicknames in cybersecurity research?  Matt has the answer to this and all your other Russian

In this week’s episode, we explore the latest FOIA tussle between the FBI and ACLU over NSA and the dog-bites-man story of Larry Klayman losing another long-shot appeal. This Week in NSA focuses on the Bloomberg story claiming that the agency is exploiting the Heartbleed flaw. Kudos to NSA for managing to persuasively deny the

Joseph Menn has an interesting Reuters article on a growing sentiment within network security circles:

Frustrated by their inability to stop sophisticated hacking attacks or use the law to punish their assailants, an increasing number of US companies are taking retaliatory action. Known in the cyber security industry as “active defense” or “strike-back” technology, the