We used to talk about the “borderless” environment of the Internet.  These days, that view is looking increasingly outmoded and utopian, in large part because of the intersection of law enforcement and privacy concerns.  Steady increases in regulation (and enforcement of existing regulation) in these areas is increasingly prompting two types of responses by global

Depending on the new Commission’s level of ambition when it takes office in the Autumn, this week’s European Court of Justice preliminary ruling (Cases C-293/12 and C-594/12), which found a 2006 Directive invalid, could prove an opportunity to re-think the EU approach to privacy and protecting personal data.

When we think about the EU and

In the wake of the leaks about the NSA’s PRISM program and domestic data collection activities, EU officials have, quite predictably, raised alarms that the NSA’s programs pose a grave threat to the privacy of EU citizens. In recent days, European Parliament members have been quoted as calling the NSA programs “shocking” and tantamount to