Our guest this week is noted computer law guru Orin Kerr, and the podcast is a deep dive into technology and law.

This Week in NSA:  Snowden claims without substantiation that NSA employees are passing naked pix around.  And Greenwald’s venture reports that GCHQ has developed the ability to send spam and to rig

Depending on the new Commission’s level of ambition when it takes office in the Autumn, this week’s European Court of Justice preliminary ruling (Cases C-293/12 and C-594/12), which found a 2006 Directive invalid, could prove an opportunity to re-think the EU approach to privacy and protecting personal data.

When we think about the EU and

In this week’s episode, we explore the latest FOIA tussle between the FBI and ACLU over NSA and the dog-bites-man story of Larry Klayman losing another long-shot appeal. This Week in NSA focuses on the Bloomberg story claiming that the agency is exploiting the Heartbleed flaw. Kudos to NSA for managing to persuasively deny the